Becoming Who You Truly Are

Wisdom and compassion are linked together. One cannot be truly compassionate without having wisdom. Wisdom is seeing the world as it really is.

Once you recognize compassion you will have wisdom, when you have wisdom you will feel compassion. As human beings we all try our best to bring about a world based on kindness and compassion.

It does not matter whether you look at religion or philosophy, as science, as development or politics. Wherever there has been human society it has manifested wisdom and compassion.

Living the way we do causes us to have a tendency to be involved with our own selfishness, our own likes and dislikes. We develop walls and start to isolate ourselves from others around us. What we need to do is to reverse the effects of the years and return to who we truly are.

We do not allow the openness that can be felt within us to express itself. Two fundamental things are our hopes and our fears. Nobody needs to or wants to suffer we would all much prefer to be happy.

The problem is not with the world or with the people in the world the problem lays with who we are. Wisdom is in everybody, it is not something that can be brought, heard or received from outside. It is to do with your involvement with the external environment and the distraction of your motions. This causes a layer or veil that prevents you from observing who you really are. Most people do not give themselves time and little space to use their inner wisdom or to observe their self before taking action in a situation.

Our society should be based upon peace, harmony, wisdom and compassion and it is not going to come about unless you begin to understand youíre self.

Because of ignorance we do not use our inner wisdom we just make excuses for what we do. You need to start with yourself.

The biggest excuse is that others around need to change before you do. For example if things you do are not going your way you would blame everyone else or blame the external world. Wherever things go right we become a happy and kinder person towards others.

If you think about it, you should realize that your perception of the extended world has much to do with your internal attitude. Our heart is basically very good, very generous and has compassion.

It can be compassion, love, caring or wisdom; it still leads and means the same. Itís your actions, speech and thoughts that put others before you. No mater how good compassion sounds when we talk about it, it still comes down to one thing and that is it can only happen when you are true to yourself. You need to look inside to see who you are.

Compassion means letting go of your self identity, letting going of to prove yourself all the time.

So we know that compassion and wisdom need to function together combined with skilfulness, tolerance and patience. When you give yourself the time and the space to observe your thoughts and actions good can come about. If you give yourself and others space in which to function properly good will always come.

I know this sounds easy to say and will take practice, but you watch, it does work.

Think of this when you look into a mirror. Do you only see what you want to see? What you should be doing is looking in the mirror and taking the good with the bad. This is very necessary in identifying who you truly are. These steps are necessary and takes courage.

Another way to think about it is this. That until you release that you truly are everything you use or consume and it all comes about from dependence on others. The chair you sit on was made by someone else, the cloths you wear are made by someone else, your food may be cooked for you, and then the food is grown by someone else. As mush as it would be great to say you are your own person and have achieved things through you efforts the truth is that you are linked with others, just as compassion and wisdom go together. What I am saying is we all need someone. So be yourself and let others see you for your true self.

So think carefully because times change every moment and time does not wait for anyone and because there is change in every moment it will only cause us harm if we are who we are not.

Our lives are short as human beings and if we are able to be of some benefit to someone else then we are being true to ourselves.

Lynn Claridge is a Psychic Medium and a qualified Crystal Healer. Furthermore, Lynn is the Author of two e-books. "Understanding Your Psychic Ability" available from and "Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit" available from

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