Developmental Coaching

At CMOE, we often run the risk of implying that our Coaching Skills model is for corrective coaching only. But what we find is many leaders and organizations are interested in developmental coaching. In fact, the Coaching Skills model is equally effective in developmental situations.

So, what does developmental coaching mean? For us, it represents the last frontier of coaching. It is the point where employees are more fully functional. It is where you do the final “tuning” in terms of helping create complete trust, total responsibility, and entrepreneurial partners in your operation. As we see it, you are doing a type of coaching that encourages the employee to take more and wiser risks, engage in more self expression, and discover what lasting contribution they can make. This is a confidence-building process and a creative stage for employees. It gives them a chance to define a personal mission beyond simple organizational advancement. The beauty of developmental coaching is that it doesn’t require advancement and promotion. What you are doing is maximizing their self-esteem.

The challenge for the leader is that many employees feel stuck in their jobs. They don’t know what to do if they are not moving rapidly in a vertical direction in the company. You task is to help them achieve their fullest potential right where they are; to get them to look at growth and development in a different way. Many employees will need help to see this opportunity. Culture has taught them that growth, contribution, and satisfaction come only when you are living on “Mahogany Row” or in the organizational stratosphere.

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