Find Out the Responsiblities of Your Life Coach

Congratulations on deciding to propel your life forward to new heights with the help of a life coach--no doubt it was a difficult step to take and involved a lot of homework to find the perfect life coach for you. A strong and excellent decision it was to make, so now let us insure your investment in yourself by providing insights into the responsibilities that your life coach has to you.

First and foremost your life coach is responsible for having you sign an agreement with him or her. This is in order to establish some ground rules (e.g., logistics, fees, scheduling, and inclusion of others if appropriate). Make sure that your agreement includes a privacy and confidentiality statement. This is critical in protecting yourself and future discoveries, developments, and creations you might make during a session or ideas you share with your coach. Do, however, be aware that coaches are legally bound to report certain activities that would bring harm to you or others.

Your life coach is responsible to co-create a relationship with you. Of course, if this does not happen you are not likely to retain the services of that life coach. However, there are certain points you should really pay attention to and expect from each session.

Your life coach should always be fully present and completely attentive to you during a session. Moments of silence will occur (many are very good to allow sinking-in of information and time for self-reflecting) but if you feel like your coach is not fully present and is distracted when he or she has a session with you, do not accept that.

Your life coach is accountable for his or her personal integrity, honesty and sincerity. If your life coach makes a promise, then he or she must deliver.

Your life coach is responsible to demonstrate respect for your perception, learning style, feelings, and personal being.

Be sure your life coach attends to your agenda, not his or her agenda for you. Know to learn the difference. Your life coach should integrate and build on your ideas and suggestions.

Your life coach is responsible to facilitate learning and results from his or her ability to create awareness. Your coach should have the ability to integrate and accurately evaluate multiple sources of information, make assessments, and educated interpretations. In doing so, your coach should invoke inquiry for greater understanding, awareness, and clarity. What this means is that you will discover new views, thoughts, strengths and insights, become aware of different and interrelated factors that affect you and your behavior, and truly find your underlying concerns.

Itís great to discover so much about yourself but in order to really have affects on your life; your life coach is responsible to help you design courses of action, plan and set goals but most importantly in this process is to manage progress and accountability.

When your coach co-created a relationship with you he or she began to establish the process of collaboration. Collaboration allows and holds your coach responsible to brainstorm, engage and promote the processes of creating a plan, setting courses of action into motion and making new goals for you.

This might or might not sit well with everyone but your coach is responsible to hold you accountable, to make reasonable requests, and to ask you to follow-through. You hired your life coach to propel your life forward, to do more then you would on your own and most likely to have someone finally hold you accountable; therefore expect and demand that your coach keeps you on track, focused and motivated.

Enjoy the journey you have begun and know that you are now well equipped for it.

Ann Bernard is a Professional Life Coach and founder of Life's Guiding Source. To find out more about life coaching visit

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