What is Personal Growth?

I have been asked many times, what is personal growth? or how can I grow as a person?

Well, I thought maybe I should try and answer this question.

You deepest fear is not that you are inadequate your deepest fear is that you are powerful.

It is the light and not the darkness that most frightens us.

A question you could ask yourself is am I brilliant, gorgeous, talented or fabulous?

The answer is actually, who’s to say your not?

There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that other people won’t feel unsure around you. You are born to manifest the glory that is within.

It is not in some of us it is in all of us. When you let your light shine you are unconsciously giving other people permission to do the same. When you become liberated from your fears you can liberate others around you.

You need to understand what is important to you.

Each person has a different idea of what it means to have success. Self knowledge is a common goal that will help everyone achieve personal success, so many of us have hangs about someone whose ideas have made them successful, and we loose what is truly important to us. This is completely normal.

You need to realize what is truly important to you. This will be a major step towards achieving personal success.

You should start to recognize your weakness and you should not hide behind them. Once you have realised your true self this can be very liberating you should not discard the rules of the society you live in.

You need to recognize that other people’s values are no less important than yours. You should recognize and accept that you live in a society in which certain people and certain behaviours are more suited towards particular tasks. This is another key to opening the doors to personal growth.

So how do you go about realizing what’s truly important to you?

How do you recognize your weakness and how do you learn how not to hide behind them?

How do you become balanced?

How do I open that magical door that will show me the way to personal growth and success?

There is no quickie scheme that will make you a successful person. Believing in yourself is a powerful aid in your quest for excellence, but it is not the actual solution. It just helps you to expand your understanding of human nature.

An improved understanding of yourself and others will help you to find, follow or expand your path. An awareness and acceptance of the fact that one person may function more effective than another in a given situation will help you to understand the relevance of personal growth to your life.

You need to attempt to become the master of your own life to become enlightened and empowered. All of us are at different steps on the staircase, or at different paces down the road. We are all beginning the journey and we are doing well.

You must continue to grow if you what to succeed and truly become master of your own light. When you become master you are able to help humanity. The three most important stages of enlightenment are to know yourself, perfect yourself and empower others.

As a potential teacher you must know yourself. If you believe you are greater than you are, then you become arrogant and vain! Or if you believe you are lesser than you are, you cannot help and teach others. You need to become an independent observer of your behaviour. You must step outside of yourself. Begin to look at yourself objectively to see your faults and virtues. Increase the virtues within you and work on changing the faults.

Many people believe that it is loveable to have a few faults. They may think it is alright to be a little lazy or a little impatient. If these same qualities were in a teacher you would be very critical of this. You would not like a teacher to be arrogant, vain selfish, lazy or to anger easily. If you would like to become a teacher of light then you need to begin to truly look at yourself. Begin the process of perfecting yourself.

You will never gain 100% perfection in this life, but you can certainly begin the process. Being courageous enough to truly look at your faults and see how you stop the light from coming in.

Think of yourself as a lighthouse.

A lighthouse stands mighty and proud, with a beautiful light within helping to protect ships at sea from crashing on the rocks. If the windows of the lighthouse are covered then the light cannot shine out. This is the same with you, look at your faults and work on them. Shine your windows and then your own inner light can save others from crashing on the rocks.

Begin to be kinder, more humble but at the same time use the strength within you to work towards the light. Become a source of unconditional love. If you can see patterns in your life that have been destructive in the past, reach deep within and change them. In the future you can teach others how to release themselves from these patterns.

Examine your body, mind, and soul. Work on all three areas to perfect yourself. Begin the process for this is why you have incarnated, so that you can perfect yourself on all levels, allowing you and others a healthy life.

Lynn Claridge is a Psychic Medium and a qualified Crystal Healer. Furthermore, Lynn is the Author of two e-books. "Understanding Your Psychic Ability" available from http://www.newage-alternatives.com and "Crystal Healing for Pleasure or Profit" available from http://www.crystals-for-healing.com

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