10 Ways to Design Yellow Pages Ads

Here is some common sense advice for those "unchangeable for a whole year" Yellow Pages ads

Yellow Pages advertising is one of the most popular forms of advertising in the country today. Almost every home in America (96.9%) and business has at least one copy of "the book".

Almost three out of five (58%) of all adults say they check the Yellow Pages for a phone number and/or address at least once per week, with 77% using the book monthly.

While the Yellow Pages can be excellent reference tool, they are not a red hot advertising vehicle.

Here are 10 ways to use the Yellow Pages

1 - As in all advertising, hit them with the benefits. Since people who look in the Yellow Pages are ready to buy right now, sell them on the benefits of your business or service.

2 - You don't need thick borders or extra cost color, the Yellow Pages people offer that to everyone. Look how many are on every page.

3 - The key to a sizzling Yellow Pages ad is to sell your services in print. Itís about standing out by offering the solution to their problem in a way that your competitors can't match. The key is the headline. Put a headline on your ad that sells your benefits and assures the prospect will read your ad. If you have a hard hitting headline that projects a strong benefit and relates to the needs of your prospect, half the work is done. Some headlines that help you do that include:

"How to xxxxx"

"6 reasons why ..."

"Before you xxxxx 6 factors to consider" The rest of your ad should expand on the benefits you've presented in your headline and show specific ways you'll help your prospect fulfill their needs.

4 - Spell out your "Close" in simple terms. Because they are in there looking for a solution, tell them to "Call us now on xxx xxxx" you'll get more responses than you would if you simply listed a phone number.

5 - Advertise like you talk. Inject your personality into everything you write. No-one wants to read boring and stuffy legal-ease.

6 - Despite what many think, you do NOT have to include a comma and "Inc." after your business name when advertising. You don't see ads that say "Buick, Inc."

7 - The only thing color has been proven to do in Yellow Pages advertising is increase the price you pay for the ad.

8 - Avoid Bragging - Don't boast "biggest and best". It turns people off, even if it is true.

9 - If you have a guarantee, spell it out. A guarantee will make your credibility skyrocket

10 - Remember that every business (with a business telephone) will be in the yellow pages, free, in the listings.The Yellow Pages are generally a reference tool. Design your ad accordingly

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