5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Marketing Niche Ebooks and How to Avoid It

Marketing your niche e-book isnít difficult when you know the pitfalls and how to avoid them.

5 of the biggest mistakes people make are:

a) trying to do everything at once,
b) designing a pretty website
c) focusing too much on selling products instead of growing their list,
d) not having a marketing plan, and
e) failing to create innovative products that sell themselves.

The biggest problem I see is people trying to do everything at once; they get confused and overwhelmed and nothing gets done. They donít know how to create an Internet business step-by-step that takes people through a funnel; they just start creating pieces that donít work because they donít understand the function of each piece or why they are creating them. When I work with people, I get them to look at what they are trying to accomplish in a systematic way. I then help them create the pieces that will move their customers through their funnel and get them to buy.

The second mistake people make is designing a website for looks, not sales.

One of the problems is that people are ignorant; they rely on a web designer and many of them unfortunately donít understand Internet marketing. Iíve seen people spend $10,000 on website design and still not have a website that works! Itís important to educate yourself so you know what youíre getting in a web designer.

In any niche ebook on internet marketing youíll learn what you need to know to create an effective web site whether you work with a web designer or do it yourself! And, I promise it will save you a lot of time, money and aggravation.

The 3rd problem people make is creating too much product when they have no buyers! Itís better to approach it in layers and create the products you need to get started and then create more as you go. In the meantime, you want to work on building your list using one or two tactics at a time-not all at once. Iíll help you build a successful business that works!

Another problem is people focusing on selling their e-book to the exclusion of everything else. They fail to see other opportunities and streams of income- they leave a lot of cash on the table because they donít understand how to capitalize on it all. You will learn all the different ways you can maximize the profits.!

And finally, there are two ways to make money on the Internet, by marketing and by innovating. I think you need to do both and I can show you how so that you are considered the ONLY choice in your field. With my creative background and innovative programs, Iíve proved that I know how to do this and I can help you achieve the same kind of success in your business.

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