7 Facts About Your Website Search Engine Optimization and Promotion

1. You MUST promote your website. The Reason? You are competing with many other businesses. You can't just drop your site in humongous Internet pool and expect immediate clicks and sales.

2. Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is a minimum you must do for your site, otherwise NO ONE will ever find it.

3. SEO + ongoing link building + fresh website content is a lean and mean formula for online success. If your competition is ferocious, you may need to add other components.

4. You can promote your website yourself - there are many do-it-yourself resources available, subscribe to Internet marketing newsletters, build links, keep learning and experimenting, but don't kid yourself - it is time-consuming.

5. If you decide to hire professional help, start with your web development company - see if they provide search engine optimization and website promotion services or if they can recommend someone who does.

6. Your website promotion doesn't have to be expensive, but it has to be ongoing.

7. There are quite a few 800-pound gorillas out there with large advertising budgets and brand-name recognition that you can't beat. BUT most of your competition are probably businesses just like you. If you persistent in promoting your site, you will find your place on the first pages of Google.

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