A Blog, 5 Minutes a Week and These 5 Simple Steps Equals Your Own Online E_ZINE

One of the fastest ways to gain "Guru" Status online is to publish an EZine. Notice I said Publish. A Publisher is often responsible for finding and using the works of others. By using these 5 simple Step you will be able to publish an EZine with 5 Minutes worth of Effort Weekly.

A Blog is probably the easiest way to get your EZine online. Besides being the fastest and Easiest way to get your EZine Online, a Blog has the Added Advantage of allowing you to publish an RSS feed.

The First 2 Steps you would only be done once

1 - Find a Theme for Your Ezine

You of course need to decide on a Topic or theme for your EZine, If you are Promoting Financial Services the Theme of your EZine would be Financial Services, If you have no Idea what so ever what your theme should be you may try using the Below Theme Joggers to help you find one.

  • What are you good at?

  • What do people seek your ideas, Opinion or Advice on?

  • What is Your Hobby?

  • What is Your Passion?

  • What do you do at Your Job?

  • What are your Favorite Sports?

  • Health and Fitness

  • Self Improvement

  • Politics

  • Current Events

  • How-To's

2 - Get a Free Blog

Go to Blogger.com and set-up a Free Blog. Try to name your blog so it matches your Ezine theme. If your Ezine Theme is on Why a Vegetarian Diet is best for dog, you wouldn't want to name your blog man-eating-plants

3 - Find Content

Go to an Online Article Directory and do a keyword Search for an Article that matches your theme. (http://ewguru.com/article-submit)

4 - Post Your Content

Login to your Blog and Cut and Paste the Article from Step 3 into your Blog.

(If you would like to have more then 1 Article in your EZine Just Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each article)

5 - Ping Your Blog

Go to pingomatic.com and Ping your blog

If you are using your Blog for promotion you may want to have a Top Sponsor Ad above the Article and a Bottom Sponsor Ad Below the Article. The Ads can either be 3rd party Ads that you sell or Ads that Promote your own Product or Service. If You have more then one Article you can also place Ads Between the Articles.

It is also Ok to use content you create yourself in your E-Zine

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