A Niche is Forming...Run Ahead, Get in Front, and Write e Books for its Members It!!!

I'm nosy...have become more so since I began to use the Net. Search engines really do allow you to look behind and under. I regularly use three or more search engines. The top ones in my view are www.Alexa.com, www.Google.com, www.CopernicMetaSearch.com, www.AltaVida.com, and www.Trackengine.com. They show me so much about niches.

I suggest you study niches and write for niche traffic. Become THE ONE WHO KNOWS using search engines.

This is how I would get started investigating subjects and writing about them: hire an eleven/twelve year old computer whiz to put your key words into several search engines looking for niches. Look at this data with me ---14,000 clicks four months ago, fourteen percent more clicks through ten weeks later, forty nine percent more clicks through two weeks later still --- you are on to something. Make the numbers tell a story. PLOT GRAPHS. Keep files of baby surges refresh them and refer to them during your down time. . Ask your whiz kid to continously check the links to these sites....and make notes about the links. Look beyond the screen in other words.

Rather like stock analysis, wouldn't you say?!

It is time to write your first article...about a surging niche member's concern. Maybe you are writing about some aspect of natural healing, pollution in the home, home schooling senior high aged children -- whatever.

1) Write your first article. Add free content. Get it at www.articlecity.com. I checked yesterday (16 September, 2005) before putting this article to bed....there were more than 500 archived articles about 'writing'. www.Articlecity.com pieces may make up 60-75 percent of your e-book. That's o.k. Turn these several articles into an e-book by adding a cover, a table of contents, an index, a preface...and maybe a summing up section.

Include a comments section from your niche readers.

Create the comment section carefully. It's your way of touching each reader individually. Write open ended sentences like

"I learned from this book that ................
I would like ......................to be explained in your second book.

"since you intend to write a total of three books
about .............niche, I would like one book to
discuss............................ and the next one to discuss.....................

After reading your third book, I hope to be able to .............................
Find a way to get the forms returned to you. (I have NOT found out.)
Learn how -- and e-mail me please.

Solicit a single ad for your e-book. Give that ad to the internet star whom you will ask to review your book:Yanik Silver, Dirk Dupon, Jim Edwards, Jimmy Brown.......

2) create a directory of websites about particular niches. Create two or six or ten or more over three to five years. Include commentary......be SOLID. This first directory is your second e-book.

3) Too busy right now to create that third e-book? Here are two sources where e-books are written inexpensively: www.elance.com and http://movingaheadcommercials.com.

4) Still busy? Here is your fourth e- book. Make a list of persons to interview about topics that interest the niche members. Ask KEY questions by e-mail or by telephone. (This book you'll write AFTER you have done some significant study yourself.)

Get permission to use the interviewee's words, and put the book together...or send it out as an online CD E-book four

Repeat step 2). I see, in one year, six or more e-books completed!

Need help writing? Go to http://www.bookcoachking.com/opt-in.shtml . Judy Collins offers two helpful aids for e-book writers...a monthly e-zine named THE BOOK COACH SAYS and regular monthly writing tips.

O.K. Now, get started!! Sit right down.............

Gladys Margaret Williams will be busy as a one armed paperhanger at the White House over the coming months...marketing her new CBMall website with articles and an e-book! She continues to add to her Tips on Gardening, Health, and Wellbeing, created in memory of her late mother, an Alzheimer's victim in 1997.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/