A Solid Foundation to Creating a Profitable Ezine!

Everything successful needs to be built on a solid, confident base. Here are some essentials to creating your own profitable ezine.

What is an ezine?

An ezine is an email magazine. They are also known as an online publication or an electronic newsletter. An ezine can be on the subject of anything, and is distributed to subscribers who have 'opted in'. There are thousands of ezines currently in circulation all over the internet.

What's the point in publishing an ezine?

Having your own ezine will improve your internet presence greatly. An ezine will also help you keep in touch with your visitors and will give you the opportunity to collect a great number of targeted visitors' email addresses which you can advertise to. An ezine is also a great way to make a good income by selling ad space. Space in popular ezines can sell for up to $200 for one small ad.

How much does it cost to run an ezine?

Unless you opt for a professional service, publishing your ezine is completely free. All that an ezine costs is your time. Time needs to be spent collecting or writing content for the ezine, putting the ezine together, and distributing it.

What should my ezine be about?

Your ezine can be about anything you like. However, your ezine should be focused on something you know a great deal about and about something you enjoy. This will make publishing the ezine more enjoyable and will make writing content easier. If you have a website, you should consider making the subject of your ezine and website coincide. This will be a great benefit for both your ezine and your website.

How often should I publish my ezine?

You can publish your ezine as often as you like. With few subscribers, I recommend publishing once a month. As your subscriber list grows, you can upgrade to publishing once a week or bi-weekly. The more you publish your ezine, the more ad space you can sell, and so the more profits you will make.

How large should my ezine be?

The size of your ezine does not really matter. So long as it is filled with high quality content, readers will not care how long it is. Make sure it does fulfil what you think your readers will expect though otherwise they will be left disappointed. Also bear in mind that readers may want to download it. If it is too big, it could put people off.

What should I call my ezine?

Make sure that the name of your ezine appeals to those who would be interested. Make the title specific and exciting. Also bear in mind that most ezine directories are listed alphabetically and so ezines beginning with a letter of the alphabet near to the end are often not seen. Try to get the name edge by starting your ezine title with a letter near the beginning of the alphabet.

What day of the week should I distribute my ezine?

This doesn't matter greatly. I recommend just distributing on whichever day suits you. Bear in mind that a lot of ezines are distributed on Monday and Friday and so if your subscribers have subscriptions to other ezines then they might be receiving 3-5 ezines that day. You could choose a less busy day of the week such as Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

When should I start selling ad space?

Once your number of subscribers exceeds 1000 is about the right time to start selling ad space. This way, the companies who supply the ads may get good response rates and will advertise again. When you start selling ad space, offer deals to advertisers such as 'buy ad space for one week and get a second week free'.

And now you're ready to start your own profitable ezine. Just remember, top quality content + a good subscription rates = great profits.

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