Additional Categories for Article Websites

Have you started an Article Website and are trying even pleading with authors to post their articles there? Yet you are finding problems trying to compete with category killers like You are not alone, there are so many trying to do this. Some last over two-months before giving up in vane, knowing they will not even make the grade of the second, third, fifth, tenth, even one hundredth site with the most articles. Do not feel bad about your failures as an Article Website Webmaster.

Maybe you can try some different categories, to pick up authors, alternative categories in which no one seems to be cashing in on. For instance How about a; "Miscellaneous" category, kind of like a holding tank for all those articles which do not fit and all those authors who write alternative crap, or lets be nice alternative wisdom articles. Even I myself sometimes feel when I write an article which is an original idea, that it does not belong in a given category, often an opinion about the human endeavor or because I am merely throwing out a crazy idea, which might not even be fully feasible, thus science and education is really way out there? Maybe a “Sci Fi” category, after all there are lots of weirdoes serching UFO subjects and Conspiracy theories. Other sites do not want these nuts writing articles as it gives their site a tainted look and besides they are doing a disservice to science? A miscellaneous category would prove to be a most interesting category and would get a lot of traffic or you could develop a: "Innovations and Concepts" category, for Futurists and thinkers to get their ideas out.

Although I am not a conspiracy theorist, it seems some authors and websites so often contain information on Paranormal, UFOs, etc. So miscellaneous could be good for a few laughs and really pick up some of those 15 million listeners to shows like Coast-to-Coast am? That ultra crazy and wild late night talk show that is about ghosts and aliens? Maybe you can have a conspiracy theory website, alien articles, stories of the occult instead since you cannot compete with

How about a military technology website, people love wars, blood and guts? Military technologies would solve that one. But you may not wish to go there yet if your audience and other contributors are 30-60 year old female authors of the most peaceful and benevolent healing power type. That might rub them the wrong way. But if you have few authors so far and need to upgrade your number and content so you do not get laughed out of the industry you could try that? Some sites are pushing 15% of this type of authors. Of course most small time article sites are blowing chunks and making literally no money so another more obvious move is to shut down your site while you are still ahead. You know even those who were shot down by the Red Baron went down in a blaze of glory and are to this day immortalized. Think on this and pick a good tombstone epitaph while you are thinking on it.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, come think with Lance;

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