Are You The Complete Sales Package

Are you the consummate sales professional?

Do you have what it takes to do what it takes to run circles around your competition?

Last Sunday and Monday I was hanging out with six of my Speaking buddies in Chicago and we talked about everything under the sun including the word competency. It's an interesting word. Webster's Dictionary says it means - sufficient means for one's needs, adequate, ability, and fitness.

On page 298 of my dictionary you'll find these three words, compete, competence, and complete. Here's how I see it. If you're going to compete, you must have competence, and it must be complete - no missing pieces.

Can you pass this sales fitness (Selling Skills) test?

I'll be using the word "System" a few times. A system is defined as a method or a plan, an established way of doing something - in writing. Whereas to improvise is to do things on the spur of the moment.

1. Do you have a system for working new leads? Or do you improvise?

2. Do you have a system for making appointments using the telephone? Or do you improvise?

3. Do you have a system for qualifying your prospects? Or do you improvise?

4. Do you have a system for quantifying your prospect's pain? Or do you improvise?

5. Do you have a system for presenting your products/services as solutions? Or do you improvise?

6. Do you have a system for dealing with the price objection? Or do you improvise?

7. Do you have a system for preparing sales proposals? Or do you improvise?

8. Do you have a system for following-up? Or do you improvise?

9. Do you have a system for closing the sale? Or do you improvise?

Which of these pieces (Systems) are you missing? Congratulations if you already have these NINE systems. Keep reading if you're missing any.

Do you have any idea how effective you'd be in front of all prospects/customers if you had a system for each of the major steps in your selling process?

I have to fess up here. I was a big time improvisor in the past. However, not any more. Today I rely on "Systems" to beat my goals and to achieve personal success.

You can too! Here's how:

On the flight back from my meeting with my Speaking buddies I started outlining an eBook. An eBook is delivered as a PDF file which of course can be printed. The title is, "How To Become Complete, So You Can Compete. Nine Mini Systems That Will Immediately Derail Your Competition."

Because the eBook isn't finished yet, you can reserve your copy for only $12.95. As soon as I e-mail the first copy, probably October 11th, the price will jump to $19.95.

It gets even better. As a special bonus everyone who reserves a copy of this new eBook, will also get another eBook titled, "No-Brainer Ways To Beat Your Competition At The Pricing Game." This is a $39.95 value which means you'll get both eBooks for only $12.95 and save an incredible 78%.

I'm writing this eBook especially for salespeople who are tired of improvising and tired of getting pounded by the competition.

Here's your link to reserve you eBook and to get your bonus eBook today!

One final thought about this - if you're not complete you can't compete!

Jim Meisenheimer is the No-Brainer Sales Training Guru. His sales techniques and selling skills focus on practical ideas that get immediate results. You can discover all his secrets by contacting him at (800) 266-1268 or e-mail:

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