Balding Solutions A Hair Cut That Changed My Life

I've had hundreds of haircuts in my lifetime. Most of them I have no memory of. A few are memorable because of big changes in style or important barbershop conversations. For me, however, I had one haircut that changed my life. It revealed to me a truth that I was completely unprepared for. It horrified me. I was losing my hair.

I was 19 and finishing my first year in college. I always kept my hair a bit long and decided it was time for some changes. A messy breakup and life away from my parents mostly fueled this. So I went to the barber and decided to go for something short and spikey. Instead I got short and surprising. At my temples, my hairline had noticeably receded.

I was embarrassed. Immediately I started buying Rogaine. It didn't seem to be making any difference. I grew my hair out again. Long enough to cover my growing forehead. But this didn't work that well. Any time I went swimming or showered, I'd have to worry about keeping the hairs in their proper position.

My main concern was that I didn't have a girlfriend. And if I didn't get one fast, no one would want to date me. But after a year, I had enough. Another fateful haircut occurred. I borrowed a friends clippers and buzzed my hair.

This resulted in an increase of comments from those who had been fooled by my balancing hair act. But it felt good somehow. It felt good to stop hiding it. I also stopped buying and using Rogaine. I hated the way it felt on my scalp and it was costing me a pretty penny.

Several years later, I'm still losing my hair and I'm still keeping it nice and short so everyone can see. It's a liberating feeling. No more hiding and worrying. And I don't have to fear becoming that guy with the comb over. If you're starting to lose your hair and are trying the fancy hair cut to hide it, trust me: just cut it short and live with it. You'll be happy you did.

And as for that girlfriend problem? I don't have to worry about that either. I found someone incredible. And the best thing is she loves my hair. So don't worry. You'll find one too.

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