Baloney And The Fountain Of Youth

Lately I've been receiving a lot of spam emails. It's amazing how many of them are promising quick weight loss without any effort! One of them even promised that their new 'super tonic' was the new Fountain of Youth.....just take their product and watch the years fade away. If you'll excuse the expression, that's all just a bunch of baloney. The radio advertisements promise "weight loss without diet or exercise" and the infomercials brag about the newest and greatest pill that will magically make the fat melt away.....baloney!

I'd like to ask those advertisers just a few questions: If your "magic-weight-loss-potion-miracle-in-a-bottle" is the real deal, then why hasn't the media picked up on the story? If your product is indeed the Fountain of Youth, why didn't my doctor recommend it? Why isn't it being featured on CNN and all the major news networks?

The reason why the media, and the entire world, isn't going ga-ga over these new 'miracle' cures is that they're not real miracle cures.

However, I do have some BIG NEWS for you! Against all odds, after careful research and years of painstaking effort, WE HAVE DISCOVERED THE REAL FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!

The only real Fountain of Youth (at least, the closest thing we've found) is EXERCISE! There, now you're in on the secret too! It turns out that our doctor was right, the Surgeon General was right, the American Medical Association was right, and your old coach was right too.....the best way to help keep the body young and healthy is through regular exercise!

The human body can fail in a staggering number of ways. Yet most problems develop gradually over months, years or decades. That leaves plenty of time for action. Doctors can help, but studies show that at least 70 percent of healthy aging depends on decisions each person makes about diet, exercise, smoking and other lifestyle choices (Source: St. Petersburg physician Timothy Carlson).

Did you catch that? Let's read it again: At least 70 percent of healthy aging depends on decisions each person makes about diet, exercise, smoking and other lifestyle choices! Now that's what I call the Fountain of Youth!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people make poor decisions. "Only 18% of patients are at goal," meaning that their body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and so on are normal (Source: St. Petersburg physician Timothy Carlson).

Guess what? Regular exercise improves body weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and so much more! People who engage in regular exercise are much more likely to be in the 18% group.....the 18% who are at their goal.

So what are we waiting for? Let's go exercise!

Until next time, we'll see you at the Fountain of Youth.....oops, I mean we'll see you at the gym!

(For more information about 'magic weight loss potions' that are baloney, go to It's a great site run by Stephen Barrett, M.D.)

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