Brand You to Stand out and Shine

Personal branding is important to stand out from the crowd. Essentially branding is a function of public relations. And public relations is "relationships" with your "public". So here's some tips on how to Brand You ... to Stand out and Shine.

* Do a personal audit to determine your values and vision, your future goals and strengths for you and your company. Defining who you are aligns with your deepest passions. A clue to discovering the feeling or emotion of who you are is to identify where you are and what you are doing that makes you truly happy. For me it's swimming in the ocean, feeling the warmth of the sun, the colours of sunset and sunrise over the ocean, those feelings and colours help me to shine.

* What do people say about you, how do they perceive you? Pay attention to how others describe you when they introduce you and how they treat you. Are you described as fun loving, compassionate, professional or creative? Do these descriptions align with your values and what you stand for?

* What sets you apart from the crowd, what is your unique "shining" point? What achievements and accomplishments, dreams or desires reveal the emotional, inner side of you and how do you promote that side of you. Customers and clients want to feel they know and trust you enough to do business with you.

* Take a look at some of the outside factors that represent your personal brand, such as the company you work for or the company you keep. Who are your friends, alliances and partners? What networking groups do you belong to?

* Your business tools also say a lot: find one look or message that describes your business and stick with it. Use the same colour scheme, fonts and design throughout your marketing materials, business cards, letterhead and website. Pay attention to your email messages and voice mail messages.

* Your dress and appearance plays an important part in how others see you. Develop a picture file of looks you like that reflects your emotional side and uniqueness. Start to build a wardrobe showing your style but also appropriate for the work you do and image you'd like to project. Buy the best quality you can afford and make sure your clothing fits well.

* Little things like quality accessories also play a part in your personal packaging. Note quality leather shoes, bags, watch, jewellery and pen. Take care of personal appearance including grooming and appropriate hairstyle.

* Personal manner also plays a part in how others perceive you. Be aware of plus and minus personality traits such as self confidence level, your way of talking, manners and social skills.

* Your surroundings and environment project who you are also. You want your business to leave the right impression on your clients, customers, employees and all visitors. Does your desk, signage and place of business reflect an image of efficiency, quality, professionalism and hospitality? Does Brand You say your business is the best?

Sue Currie is a professional speaker and the director of Shine Communications Consultancy an executive development company. Sue’s strategies help boost your public profile and increase profits by enhancing your professional image and building brand visibility. Through her speaking and training programs on image and media, she helps you to grow your company’s major asset – You. Sue enjoys helping others to bring out their personal best and Shine. To learn more visit

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