Call The Professionals!

No, we donít mean Bodie and Doyle... now Iím showing my age! So youíve started your new business and the purse strings are tight (We know, weíve been there!) So why should you be paying out good money for a logo that you could do yourself?

Weíll give you a few things to think about below...

1. Are You Memorable?

The one thing you want when you start any business are clients/customers! You need them to remember your company name and image in a flooded market, so your logo has to be original, memorable and eye catching all at once.

Most companies now have computer software that allows you to create images and text or even use clipart, but using clipart in your logo will limit your appeal, anyone could use the same image in their logo and then your original idea isnít so original.

A designer will look at your company in-depth, finding out about your aims, goals, ideal customers, target market etc. They will also look at how you want to be perceived by your clients, whether itís corporate, reliable, sexy etc and create a core brand for you, not just a logo design, but the colours and fonts that you use too.

2. Can You Use It?

There is also the problem that whatever you created your logo in may not be a programme that is design standard, these being Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand or Corel Draw. Printing firms are very specific about what file formats that they will accept. You might come up with an excellent idea but because of the way itís been created you may have to pay to get it re-designed anyway.

3. Time Saving

Graphic Designers are expert at Graphic Design, whereas you are an expert at your business. By using their expertise youíll save yourself time and get the job done right first time. They know how to create the right look and feel to attract your target market.

4. Too Close for Comfort?

Are you too close to your business to be objective? You may not be able to see your strengths and weaknesses as clearly as an outsider may. Designers can really see how best to present your business or product, and design your material for maximum effect!

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