Common Types of Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss affects millions of men. Not only does it make men look older beyond their years, it also has a negative effect on self esteem and social confidence. There are three types of hair loss treatments not including hairpieces, weaves and surgical methods.

The most widely used treatments are natural based and cosmetically based lotions, shampoos and herbal supplements. Many users swear by these products that claim to be effective for regrowing hair. Most of these products clean the scalp which allow the hair follicle to breathe and deliver important nutrients to the hair and follicle. Others decrease the hormones in the body that have shown in studies to decrease hair growth.

The second types of products are medical topical solutions. One of the commonly known over the counter topical solution is Rogaine, which contains Minoxodil. Minoxodil has been medically proven to grow hair. Other products are special concoctions such as Minoxodil with Retin A. Retin A allows the hair follicle in the scalp to absorb more of the Minoxodil. These special topical concoctions usually require a prescription from a doctor.

The third type is an oral treatment called Propecia. Propecia lowers chemicals levels in the body that decrease the growth of hair. Propecia has been shown effective in regrowing hair in many studies. However, Propecia does require a prescription. So if you started losing your hair learn more about the various treatments available and you will be looking better in no time.

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