Corporate Promotional Gifts : The Fridge Magnet Is Dead, Long Live the Computer Desktop

Corporate promotional gifts come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from the very common personalized pens, calendars, mugs, caps and fridge magnets to very sophisticated company branded software programs that are placed on the desktop or taskbar of a computer. Like every aspect of business in the modern age, computers and the Internet are changing the very nature of even these simple promotional tools.

Promotional business gifts or freebies can be a very effective branding and promotional tool for any company. No matter what you're selling, branding your company's logo, motto and sales message can play a significant role in the success of your business. You must promote your company. You must get your company's name or product out there in the marketplace. Therefore, some effort and planning is required if you want your promotional strategy to succeed.

In a very competitive world, companies must work hard at getting their brand name into the spotlight. Promotional tools or corporate business gifts should be used to capture the goodwill of the buying public, whether it be a free sample or some simple company gift. Personalized 'tokens of goodwill' do work; that's why companies use them.

In order for these personalized or branded business gifts to be really effective, they must be useful. Your customers or potential customers must want your free gifts, they must have some use for them. Whether it's a cool looking company cap that keeps the sun out their eyes or a favorite mug that displays your logo as well as serving up a mean cup of coffee; your business gifts must be used by your customers. The more they are used, the more effective your promotions will be.

When choosing your business promotional gift you should keep this fact in mind and pick something that your customers will use every day. That's why simple products like mugs, pens or caps are often chosen by companies.

However, we are moving into a different era, things have changed somewhat. You may have noticed, but we have a little thing called the Internet that's stirring everything up. There has been a gradual shift in how business or commerce is done in the world. More and more business in done through Computers and the Internet. If not directly, then indirectly; most business transactions, buying, selling, promoting, etc. is being filtered through the Internet.

Even if consumers don't buy the products directly online, they use the Internet and Search Engines to research and gather information on the products they're thinking of purchasing. As each new generation of very savvy computer users enter the marketplace, the influence and power of the Internet and Computers will only grow stronger.

Why is this a significant trend or factor? We are talking about fridge magnets here?

It's important because you must also shift your promotional material to capture this ever growing consumer base. You must put your branded company logo, sales message and contact information into this Computer/Internet mix. You must adjust your promotions to take full advantage of the Internet and Computers.

How do you get your company's promotional tool or vehicle onto all your customers' computers. Although this task may seem complicated at first glance, it's really quite simple. You just need a software program or utility that fits onto your client's computer.

There are many examples of this, screen savers and wallpaper come readily to mind. Very simple to design and a very effective way of promoting your product or company. Many software programs also offer free trial downloads that are placed in the taskbar or on the computer desktop. These are in essence, taking the place of the old fridge magnets, although most also have a practical use besides just advertising your company's message.

Another great example of an unique corporate gift is a desktop eCalendar, that virtually (pun intended) takes the place of the old traditional promotional calendar you have on your kitchen wall. These eCalendars are very practical and useful promotional gifts that sit directly on your customer or potential customer's desktop. It's accessed every day and is front and center of all this Computer/Internet business or commerce.

The computer desktop is the perfect spot to have your company's logo, sales message and contact information. Right in the heart of the matter. These eCalendars are prefect examples of how your promotional techniques must change with the times.

What ever method you use, the next time your company plans a promotional business gift, think beyond the refrigerator door. Try some promotional product that will place your company's logo and message directly onto the computer desktops of your clients and future clients. Take full advantage of the Internet. It has to be good for something.

Why not put it front and center, right in the heart of your next corporate promotional gift!

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