Dayton OH is a Great American City

Dayton OH sure has a lot going for it. Everyone likes the Big Air Show and Aviation Conference. Wow, what a show. If you are an aviation buff you should not miss it. In fact our Commander in Chief also visited there for the Air Show event signifying the Wright Bros. Makes me feel comfortable that everyone is Pro-Dayton and that means jobs and a strong economic future too.

Ohio is getting some juice politically and in the last election it proved to be the final battleground, many knew it would. Ohio has always been big in politics. It is also good to see that the political and government structure is working hard in Dayton to promote a positive and seamless goal with the Dayton Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Association to revitalize downtown. It is looking better all the time.

Lots of wonderful new innovations in science; Orbiting Balloon Space Colonies Titanium Dioxide, Ceramic Materials, Composites, Biotech, Clean Coal, robotics, net-centric cars, Carbon Nano Tubes, fuel efficient cars, clean coal, lots of great stuff. And the USAF also has some great stuff happening, not all of which is allowed to be known by the public. Ohio has now gotten rid of those international terrorist cells now in their state. I am bullish on Ohio and mega bullish on Dayton. Thinking of relocating, think on Dayton, OH.

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