Deadly Effective Ezine Advertising for Internet Network Marketing

What are Ezines?

Ezines are online newsletter that people subscribe to because they have an interest in the subject matter described in the newsletter.

Personally, I love Ezine advertising. I've used this very strategy that you are about to learn right here and I've created some exceptional growth in my business. Just to give you an idea, one Ezine ad that I sent to a list of a little over 2,000 subscribers that cost me $31, generated 55 new leads and 12 new sign ups in the course of 24 hours. That's a 22% lead to sign up conversion ratio! I've had people in my downline that have had better results than this.

The best part is, the people that joined my business from this mailing were focused savvy Internet marketers. They joined my business and just ran with it. I estimate that those 12 sign-ups account for about 40 new down line members in the course of a month and 100s at this point.

Wouldn't you like to have the same happen in your business?

It gets me excited just sitting here writing about it!

So let's get on with it . . .

Which Ezines will we target?

We want to advertise in Ezines that target Home Business Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, Biz Opp Seekers, Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers, and your companies primary niche. These are the people that are actively interested in making money online and in what you have to offer and will see the most value in what we're offering. There are free places as well as paid places to find highly targeted Ezines to send your ads to.

I personally only advertise in the Directory of Ezines because I find it to be the best and most up to date listing of quality Ezines. There is a membership cost but I personally think it's worth it.

QUICK TIP: If you decide to buy a membership I would advice going with the one year membership as opposed to the lifetime membership. Because by following the method that I am about to describe to you this time next year you will have developed so many strong relationships with great Ezines that you'll have your own rolodex of great places to advertise.

You can also use which is a free resource.

What type of ad do we want to place?

There are two ways to go about this, the fast way and the slow way.

To go about this the slow, way would mean we would first place a small classified ad in the Ezine that we plan to target. We would then track our response to see if a larger ad is warranted.

This method works well with direct marketing online because it decreases risk, but it will drastically increase the time frame until we see our most wanted response - sign ups.


We'll have to wait and track responses at each step.

The fast way:

I have been using a faster and a little bit more risky method. What I do is I call or email the list owner to ask about their lists to try to get a feel if it is a good match for my ad.

Here is what I want to find out:

How many mailings do they send out a week?

You don't want to send an ad to an Ezine that sends out more than 2 solo ads a week because most likely no one will read them.

How many new subscribers does the Ezine get in a month?

-You want an Ezine that gets a steady flow of new subscribers.

Have similar ads to mine for my same business run in the recent past?

=You don't want to advertise in an Ezine that has had similar ads run in the past month or so.

Does the Ezine owner have a list of references?

-I ask if the Ezine owner can provide a short list of references that I can contact to see what their response rates have been like in that particular Ezine.

Is there a newsletter archive that you can take a look at?

-Since you're going to be running the ad you want to see the layout of the Ezine so you know how your ad will look. What do you do next?

Find a few good Ezines and ask the List Owner some of the above questions to help you decide if their list is a good match for your offer.

After you've done your homework you'll want to go ahead and place your solo ad. Place about 3 or 4 at a time and be sure to track your click-thru rates.

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