Ezine Publishing: So How Often Do I Send This Thing Out?

So you have decided to publish an ezine and you are wondering how often to send it out.

Good for you. You are far ahead of most people who just think about having an ezine. I've yet to receive one "just thinking about it ezine."

I know of some folks that get intimidated by the notion of having to send out an ezine each and every week. That's just one option, and there are many more.

So let's look at some frequency options for sending out your ezine, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


Advantages - Really none that I can think of. Even the possible advantage of having your name and info in front of people every day has a major downside...

Disadvantages - Your subscribers will get tired of hearing from you, not to mention all the work involved for you.


Advantages - You have regular contact with your subscribers, and regular contact ups your "expert-ability" in the eyes of both your subscribers and others.

Disdvantages - Takes some work and the commitment to be consistent.

Twice a month

I can never get it straight if this is called bi-weekly or bi-monthly so I just call it twice a month.

Advantages - Regular contact with your readers. More of your newsletters are read. Although I have not tracked this, I have a hunch that people sometimes delete or never get to weekly newsletters. I know I sometimes do.

Disdvantages - If something big is going on in the week you do not send out your ezine, you miss chance for connection with your readers. This can easily be handled by sending out a special edition.


Advantages - Regular contact and low maintenance.

Disadvantages - Unless you have some kind of other regular contact with your subscribers, you can begin to lose touch with.

I do not recommend anything less frequent than monthly, as people will forget about you and forget about signing up and unsubscribe when they get your ezine.

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