Ezine Publishing: You Don't Have to Be Good to Start, But You Do Have to Start to Be Good

If you are not already, did you know that you too can become an ezine publisher?

First of all, I want to share with you the first and most important thing a new ezine publisher should do.

Hang on, because this can get technical and complex. Here it comes:

Start - that's it, start.

So many would be ezine publishers become overwhelmed with the prospects of building a list and finding content that they never start.

Intimidated by others

Would be ezine publishers hear about some of the people with a list of 10,000, believe that they could never get to that amount, and so never begin.

Here's a powerful secret:

Before you have a subscriber base of 10,000, you have to have a subsriber base of 1,000. Before you have 1,000 subscribers, you have to have 100. Before you have 100, you have to have 10. And, as I hope you have guessed by now, before you have 10 you have to have... one. Start with one if you have to, even if that one is you. Just start.

Start with three subscribers, even if those 3 are your spouse and your parents. Just start.

Remember this and then go live it:

You do not have to be good to start, you do have to start to be good.

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