Flight Coordinator Job Sites

Finding work as an aircraft flight coordinator typically involves submitting your resume directly to companies that may be hiring. Still, it can be a laborious process trying to track down and find those companies that are hiring. On the other hand, there are several web sites on the internet that list flight coordinator jobs from time to time. No, there aren’t an abundance of jobs available, but if you know where to look, you can make the process easier on yourself.

Aviation Employment Board – A free site, this board lists job opportunities across the spectrum of business and commercial aviation. Registration is free and you can post your resume for free as well. Visit www.aviationemploymentboard.net for more information.

Monster – On of the largest job sites on the internet, Monster has over 800,000 opportunities available. Aviation job listings are somewhat limited, but some good opportunities are posted from time to time. Registration is free and you can post your resume for free as well. Visit www.monster.com for more information.

Hot Jobs – Owned by Yahoo, Hot Jobs is a job site that lists several hundred thousand opportunities at any given time. Aviation opportunities are limited, however. Registration is free and you can post your resume for free as well. Visit www.hotjobs.com for more information.

Career Builder – This is the largest job opportunity site on the internet, with over one million jobs listed. Aviation opportunities are listed; the site compares favorably with Monster as far as the number of aviation opportunities available. Registration is free and you can post your resume for free as well. Visit www.careerbuilder.com for more information.

Plane Jobs – One of the largest aviation sites on the internet, Plane Jobs lists a variety of opportunities including flight coordinator positions. Sign up for a ten day free trial and then it’s a $59 annual fee thereafter to peruse their database and to post your resume. Visit www.planejobs.com for more information.

AEPS – As one of the oldest aviation industry job sites on the internet, AEPS is well known throughout the industry. Claiming to list over 11,000 jobs many of the positions listed are outdated too. AEPS also has a ten day free trial period and then its $114 for a one year membership for flight operations personnel; $74 annually for everyone else. Visit www.aeps.com for more information.

Other sites listing flight coordinator positions include: Avianation, Climb to 350, Avjobs, and Flight International. Many of the paid sites post the same opportunities as other sites, so there is little need to belong to multiple subscription service sites.

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