Foward Drive

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to gravitate to success with their eyes closed and one hand tied behind their backs, while others struggle and fight to even come close? It's like the guy who bought his first lottery ticket and won or the girl that got that top job before she even graduated from college.

These people have something in common, and no, it's not just good fortune or luck. It's an incredible sense of drive. Some people call it heart and yes, it does comes from within. It's what propels us forward, even as we fail, it keeps us working and striving for that ultimate goal, whatever that may be. Never looking back. Finding something that you want so badly that you're willing to make any sacrifice for it.

Ok, I guess you can't compare it with the lottery ticket, but maybe that guy had lost his job and had kids to support. Maybe that girl in college needed to take care of her sick mother. The point is, you really don't know what sacrifices people have made to get to a certain point. I digress...

To be successful, whether it's at a job, or winning a game, losing weight, or even holding that baby in your arms for the first time, you must be willing to sacrifice something. That willingness is your "drive in disguise", and everyone has it.

The other day, my daughter saw something that she wanted and started running towards it. While she was running, she turned around to see if I was watching her, and fell down. She got up quickly, no harm done, but forgot all about what it was that she was running towards.

Find what it is in life that you really want and run after it! Don't ever look back! You know what happens when you turn around while you're running; you fall down. Keep that Forward Drive going, Stay Focused on your Goal and it will be yours!

Goal setting is a whole other area and another article. However, I need to briefly touch on goal setting, otherwise that "drive in disguise" may get put in neutral. Before you start running forward, you need to set your goals. Whether it be the goal of the weight you want to lose, the job you want, the way you look or the money you want to earn. If you don't set goals, instead of staying focused and running forward, you may start running in circles. Forward Drive, one goal at a time. After you set your goals, decide the best way to get there and start that forward drive! Every goal acheived is a building block for more confidence and more success. Your goals will constantly change as you re-evaluate what you want, and that's important.

Ok, lets recap:

Set your goals and be willing to make some sacrifices, Put your drive in motion, Run after it, Never look back.

That's it, a basic formula for success! Now Go Get What You Want!

Yours in Fitness & Health,

Audrey Scott Shintai Fitness, LLC

The author has been actively involved it the fitness industry for over 15 Years. She has been a full time aerobics instructor and personal trainer, as well as a competitive bodybuilder. Current owner and founder of Shintai Fitness, LLC., AFAA Certified Aerobics instructor 1991 AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 1993 Kickbox certified through Promise Enterprises and the ISCA Spin Certified Gokyu rank, Tekkenryu Jujutsu under Sensei Damian Ross Full Time Mother

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