Hair Loss Will Make You A Better Person

We all know the negative side to experiencing male balding. We look old, people make fun of us, we have to put sun screen on our heads. But there truly is a positive side to hair loss. It's not as fun as having a sweet hair cut, but it has the possibility of making you a better person and improving your outlook on life.

The first thing balding can cause is a reevaluation of what you feel is important about yourself. Suddenly your looks have changed (for what many feel is the worse). All that time and money you've spent improving you appearance may seem like a waste now. But don't worry. That's a good thing. We're taught from our youth that beauty is on the inside. Now is your chance to believe it.

Some choose not to believe it and just throw more money at their looks. Buy Rogaine. Get on Propicia. Get fitted for a hair piece. Look into transplants.

However, if you choose to just live with your hair loss, you'll receive the awesome opportunity to start making yourself beautiful through your actions and the way you treat other people.

This leads into the second main benefit. You will begin to see other people in a new light. Losing your hair can change the way you look at people who aren't beautiful on the outside. For me, I suddenly realized what it was like to look a certain way and not be able to change it. It made me realize how much value I put on girls' looks.

From here you'll begin to treat people differently. You don't want to be judged based on your hair loss, so don't judge people based on their weight or their race or their job. Look deeper. See the person beneath the outside appearances.

Going bald isn't easy. And its rewards aren't easy either. But they are more important than a good haircut. Embrace them and your hair loss will truly make you a better person.

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