Hair Loss or Is Captain Picard Really Sexy?

Hair loss is not the end of your sex appeal. Think about it. Many women really love some famous men who are as bald as can be: Kojack (Telly Savalas), Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart), or even Detective Vick Mackey (Michael Chiklis). And even more fabulously sexy actors are losing their hair: Sean Connery and other famous men have the infamous receding hairline and women still swoon. In fact, some men voluntarily shave their heads completely bald by choice. So whatís the problem?

Losing your own hair can be a challenge. Your whole image of yourself is changing. Youíre not used to seeing yourself that way. Itís an adjustment. Do you like the new guy in the mirror? Is he more than just his hairline? Or is there a lot of self-identity wrapped up in your full head of hair?

Do you know that in India and also among the American Indians, hair is seen as holding the memory of your life? They see it as containing a kind of imprint of what you have been through. While both cultures see it this way, they respond differently. To some American Indian tribes, hair is sacred, a source of strength that should never be cut, much like the story of Samson in the Bible. In India, the shaving of the hair is thought to release one from karma or the cause-effect of our actions.

Of course, if you donít manage to begin to feel as sexy as Telly Savalas or Patrick Stewart, and you have no connection to the Indian rituals of shaving the head for purification, there are lots of treatments on the market. Some of them are snake oil and some of them work to one degree or another for different people.

Toupees are an option, but usually itís obvious that youíre wearing a wig. Then there are creams and ointments and diet plans. Thereís also hair replacement therapy. If you choose one of these routes, do some thorough research both into the method and into the practitioner offering you the treatment. Find out what has worked for others. Get more than one opinion. And if it doesnít work, remember, you are still one sexy guy!

About the author

Ross Mettarod is bald as an eagle and just as proud. He is grandfather to two wonderful children and lives in Minnesota and works with the postal service. You can read more articles on hair loss at Hairloss Club

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