How To Start Now

How is not as important as Where to start and when.

Where to start and focus your energy is usually a tricky thing to try and determine with any sense of accuracy. There are so many good ideas that end up being complete dogs down the road.

So I guess where you should start is at research.

Get all the info you need to make an informed decision on what market you should focus on. Then the When comes right into play.

The When is NOW as soon as your research shows you a fairly good canidate then that is when you should start. Don't waste a single second trying to talk yourself out of it .... "this can't be that simple" 'I don't know enough about this to have any success' "I'll start next month after I do just a little more research" 'people won't want what I have to sell' 'I am not a good salesman'

By now you should be seeing a very visiable pattern above.

It's called Self Doubt and also Scared Silly.

Scared is good Doubt isn't good for anthing or anyone period.

If your goal is to make flying dump trucks the only thing you should focus on is how to build the very best flying dump truck that has ever been made before...... ok ok flying dump trucks may be just a tad to far out there. You get the idea.

You have heard this before and will hear it over and over again.

"When are you going to get started?"

"One of these days?"

The problem is that one of these days never seem to come around. Then years pass and dreams are scaled down over and over again because you are so use to silent failure.

Then you start saying statements like ....

"I could have built that ..... years ago for half what it cost today"

Could da , should da, would da.

Just start now and save yourself a lot of boring days of self doubt and pain.


Pick one any one just pick it and start running with it like your life depended on it.

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