Increasing Your Network For Greater Success

Increasing your network - We hear a lot about the importance of increasing our personal networks. Networks being those special people that we know we can call on when we need advice or input on an idea that we might have.

For the purpose of this message I'll assume that you're already sold on the value of having people in place to fill this need in your life. Now the question remains where in the world can I look for such people? The answer to that my friend is not always an easy one, but here's a source that I've used in the past successfully yet often goes untapped. SCORE is the Service Corp Of Retired Executives.

These folks are a resource partner for the U.S. Small Business Administration. The best part is that they have local offices in just about any area you can imagine. I've used the organization in the past and can honestly say they make a great addition to just about anyone's personal network.

In essence we get the chance to learn from those who have gone before us. Best of all these are folks who have walked the walk. I never have really understood why the resource isn't fully taken advantage of except that perhaps many aren't aware of it. Well consider yourself in the know. Have a look at their site at .

Another source can be found in the many online bulletin or message boards (my own site being one). Depending on what topic you're looking for you'll surely find a good community of folks you can get plugged into. I personally take part in several online communities and have found it to be an excellent way to share and learn from each others experiences.

As with any thing, take what you can from it, but from there make your own final decision. Any healthy mentoring scenario is one in which the persona being mentored is a active part in the process. People will offer their personal experiences which can indeed be valuable, but in the end we have to be able to adopt what works for us.

-- Here's to your success, Josh Hinds

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