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Today's knowledge economy CEO's wanted companies all information on fingertips. Computer based reports are now become very old fashion. Companies wanted to access their all business reports anywhere from worldwide as well as companies also wanted to access their reports on mobile devices. Mobile commerce or m-commerce will run the business in coming future.

What is Knowledge processing e-Business?

Companies wanted information about production planning, flow and process management, inventory management, customer delivery, after-sales support and service, trucks and ships tracking systems and many other types of reports to run the business.

Currently companies using various types of software's for different different purpose. If any employee wanted information from another department then they need make various reports again and again.

Only few companies having ERP software's but huge number of companies don't have ERP but wanted to connect their all softwares together to access their all data.

Knowledge processing e-Business means synchronize data from your local softwares and store on web servers and access data through web applications or WAP applications.

What is Data Syncronization?

We are talking here about Data Syncronization means convert your Database into XML Data format and again convert XML Data format into your Database format.

Why Data Syncronization?

Generally regular Database takes huge space in your Data Storage. Data Syncronization can help you to synchronize your data into small XML data file.

1. Synchronize Data into XML

2. Fast Transfer of Small XML on web server.

3. Your another office can download XML format and synchronize into your Database of offline software.

4. Make Web or WAP applications to check your important reports from any location or mobile Devices.

5. You can make Data entry from online web applications as well as your offline software's also.

Opportunity to Software development companies.

Currently Software development companies having huge opportunity in Knowledge processing e-Business. Software developers can develop web applications suitable to companies offline software's so that companies can do the data entry from online as well as offline softwares also. This will help to increase e-business or e-commerce.

1. Payroll software

2. Point of sale or POS software.

3. Time and attendance software

4. Accounting Software

and many many types of software's having huge opportunity in Data Syncronization and related software developments business.

Summary :

Software development companies and software user companies both can take benefits of Knowledge processing e-Business.

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