Muscle Building: Avoid Gym Germs with Simple yet Effective Tips!

With more people hitting air-conditioned health clubs, they bring along not only their workouts but also their sweat, flu, and other germs. But you dont need to fumigate the weight room or hose down the stair-climber to avoid catching something. These five simple yet effective tips can help you stay clean and healthy at your gym.

1) Keep your hands clean: I know it sounds cliche, but i just cant help telling you it again because it is the most effective way to keep off the germs. Those cold-causing viruses and respiratory bacteria dont live for very long outside the body. But while those pesky bugs are alive, you can bet they will be looking for a new home. So after touching weights and machine hand rails, try your best to keep your hands away from your eyes, nose, ears and mouth until you can lather up.

2) Wear flip-flops: You dont want to know what grows on shower floors, but we will tell you anyway. Fungi and Bacteria thrive in damp shower stalls and can cause athlete's foot. Flip-flops wont keep you fully fungi-free, but it is better than going barefoot.

3) Take two towels: Place one on machines and benches before you sit down to protect yourself from fungi like those that cause jack itch. Use the other to blot sweat off your body.

4) Use your own mat: Try using your own mat buy you can also cover the one you borrow with a clean towel. Otherwise, you could end up with contact dermatitis, a bothersome but rarely serious allergic reaction to such substances as sweat left by someone with a rash.

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5) Change your sweaty shorts: You are more likely to develop a yeast or bacterial infection from leaving them on than from anything else you would encounter at the health club. So shed the shorts right after your workout. If you have post-exercise errands to run and cant shower right away, change into dry underwear and shorts first, then wash up and dry off thoroughly at your opportunity.

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