My Experience With Rogaine

Rogaine is perhaps the best known balding solution. It's scientific name is Minoxidi, Rogaine is the brand name produced by the company Upjohn. In studies, Rogaine has been shown to stimulate hair growth in about one third of those experiencing male balding.

Rogaine is a liquid and is applied topically to the balding areas on your scalp. It comes with a dropper as well as a spray for those who have experienced significant balding. You apply it twice daily to your scalp every day. One bottle of this balding solutions costs $50-$60 and is supposed to last for a month.

I tried Rogaine in the first year I realized I was experiencing male balding. My efforts were not consistent or long lasting enough to warrant a judgment on Rogaine as a balding solution, but what I experienced was enough to make me stop using it. There are several characteristics of Rogaine that I never read about, and I'd like to share them with you so you can make a better decision.

First, Rogaine is pretty expensive. Especially for me, $55 is a lot to spend on something every month. I was buying it as a college student and really had some trouble justifying the cost. But perhaps $55 a month isn't a big deal for you. Just realize that you'll be spending that every month for the rest of your life if you want to keep using Rogaine.

Once I started using Rogaine, I discovered that it has a very unpleasant smell and feel to it. I would drop it into my balding areas after showering as instructed and would immediately feel itchy and slimy. Since it is a liquid, it drips down your scalp too and I would often feel it sliding down my neck or across my scalp.

Then, once Rogaine dried, my scalp would get very itchy. The balding solution formed a flaky mess on my head, making it appear that I had a terrible case of dandruff. I guess it makes sense, but I had no idea this would be happening. It caused a couple embarrassing moments at parties when people would ask what was in my hair (thanks Rogaine for drawing more attention to my balding head). Rogaine also gets in your hair and dries, sort of like an unwanted hair gel.

I don't really know if Rogaine caused my hair loss to slow down. You are supposed to use it for at least six months before you see any effects and a year may be more realistic depending on how long you have been balding. For me, the cost of this treatment combined with the uncomfortable effects that came along with it convinced me that I didn't want to continue treatment. I know Rogaine has been successful with many men and women, but for me it just wasn't worth it.

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