Relacore, Cortislim, Cortidrene and Cortisol, Oh My! Reduce Stress, Lose Weight?

Relacore, Cortislim, Cortidrene and Cortisol, Oh My! Do these terms actually mean something or do the founders just enjoy watching people squirm? I hope to give you a basic foundation that will help you to make the right decision about changing your lifestyle for the better the correct way.

Everyone knows that a personís diet, activity level, and genetics play a major role in a personís traditional weight but there is a much lesser known factor at play as well. This lesser known fact is your stress level. Not only do some people eat more while under stress, they also react to what they eat differently. It is has been recently proven that one of the ways the human body responses to stress, is by producing excessive amounts of a nasty little stress hormone called cortisol. Cortisol has many functions. It helps the body to break down food for energy (metabolism), and it helps the body manage stress. Cortisol levels can be affected by many conditions, such as physical or emotional stress, strenuous activity, infection, or injury.

You probably know by now that your body has its own idea of what it should weigh and it can sometimes be very hard to convince it otherwise. There are many variables at play that cause someone to weigh what they do and there is defiantly not a lack of advice on how to change your bodies mind about what it should weigh. Relacore, Cortislim, Cortidrene, the list goes on and on. While there are many nutritional supplements out there to help you melt away the pounds, you must be very careful when choosing a product. It helps to understand the inner workings of your body before taking someoneís word on a product.

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