Robotic Starbucks Drive Thru

Have you been into a Starbucks Drive-Thru location lately? If you go inside you see that the employees are working very hard to move the long line of cars. Each order is unique and customized, which is part of Starbuck’s hallmark. It is hard to find employees like Starbuck’s Legendary Service Specialists to work at that fast pace with that level of precision. It seems the work ethic in the United States is problematic in that regard. Starbucks has to go through hundreds of applications to find these wonder team partner employees who will give their all and really pour their hearts into it.

Even with the strong brand name of Starbucks driving its record number of applicants, it still is difficult to fill those jobs with just the right employee. I therefore propose fully robotic Starbucks drive-thrus. The customer will be presented with a touch screen menu as they drive up, asking their preferences. The customer will make the order and the computer will send these instructions to robotic barista, which will prepare the custom coffee order and deliver it to the window at exactly the right temperature as per the order. The customer will press the release button on the robotic arm so that there will be no spilling of hot coffee, as the customer will at that point have complete control.

With the tight labor market for quality employees, companies like Starbucks will need to be thinking here if they plan to continue their rapid expansion to 20,000 stores by 2010. All franchised and large non-franchised coffee chains will need to be thinking here if they are so compete in the future while still providing the shareholders equity and quarterly profits to appease investors. Think on this.

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