Rubidium Daily Value Guide

Due to the constraint of our knowledge at the current time about rubidium, a rubidium daily value has not yet been established. The 37th element in the periodic table, a rubidium daily recommended value for nutrition has not yet been determined.

Rubidium exists in the earths crust, in our seawater, and in our own human bodies. While there are many nutrients that donít have a daily recommended value, it is especially important to maintain a dosage of rubidium, considering that it is a trace element that is needed in very small amounts. Trace minerals are necessary building blocks for many different processes in our bodies.

In studies with mice, mice given rubidium supplements saw decreased tumor growth, by replacing potassium in cell membranes with itself. Many people tend to agree that a mineral supplement is necessary these days, considering that we used to get most of the minerals we needed from the soil. The essential minerals found in our earth have now been largely stripped due to the rigors of industrial farming. A soft, silvery-white alkali metal, rubidium has been rumored to help aid depression. This is a highly likely scenario, considering it is an element our bodies are begging for more of. It has even been shown that goats with a rubidium deficiency actually featured depressed growth and decreased life expectancy!

All the minerals you need to keep your body in tip top shape are usually available in a single supplement, considering the fact that you would have to take minor amounts of the trace elements, so you can fit many into one easy-to-swallow supplement. Now that you know more about the trace mineral known as rubidium, you can more accurately see why your body needs this crucial element. Do your body a favor, and start a mineral supplement today!

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