Running for Beginners: The Running Tip, A to Z

Here's a Running Tip for each letter of the alphabet!

Follow these, and you'll be a wiser runner!

Ask questions.

Never stop learning. There are no stupid questions. Contact us at


Running is not all there is to life. Keep family, friends, and faith!

Carry a bandana!

Fold it over your waistband. Good for wiping sweat, and wiping other places in the event of a detour into the woods in the event of a sudden attack of Runner's Trots.

Diet wisdom!

60% carbohydrates, 25% fat, 15% protein. A high fat diet will destroy your ability to run.

Exercise your right to run!

There is freedom in covering ground under your own power. Appreciate it!


That's what being an Ordinary Runner is all about!

Go racing!

Getting ready for a race is one of the most motivating aspects of running.


Drink, drink, drink. Your body is mostly water! Keep it that way!

Increase mileage slowly.

When you're adding mileage, never increase more than 10% a week. This helps to avoid injury.

Just keep moving!

This is the theme song of the Ordinary Runner. We may not be the fastest or sleekest, but we keep moving forward.

Keep a journal.

You'll be amazed what you'll learn about yourself, and how quickly you learn what works and what doesn't work... just by writing it down.

Limping is bad.

If something is hurting bad enough to make you change your stride, you need to rest. Remember RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Make friends!

Some of your best friends will be people you meet at races or training groups.

Notice the world around you.

Don't develop the bad habit of simply watching the ground in front of your shoes. Don't forget to look around and see the world while you're running!

Only for running!

Only wear your running shoes to run in, not to wear around during the day. You've got to keep those midsoles springy! This avoids injury.


Watch the pounds come off! If you just keep moving and stay consistent in your running, you WILL lose weight!

Quilt frequently.

Just seeing if you're still paying attention. (I bet you think of a running tip that started with a "Q"!)

Rotate shoes.

Use 2 pairs of shoes to keep the midsoles fresh. Use the shoe with lower miles for longer runs, and the high mileage shoe for shorter ones. This avoids injuries.


They are your MOST IMPORTANT piece of equipment. Buy quality, and take care of them. I can't stress this enough. Quality shoes are a must!

Trim your toenails.

Long toenails are a surefire way to get "black toe." (That's when your toenail turns solid black from pounding on the end of your shoe!)

Use a heart rate monitor.

Not only will you learn quickly about your heart rate info, but you'll have a lot of fun. A great piece of technology!


Yes, you need a vacation occasionally, even from running. A week long break once a year will do wonders for your muscles AND your mind.

Wicking materials!

Especially your socks! Keeping sweat away from your feet avoids blisters and Athlete's Foot. Keeping it away from your torso avoids getting too hot in summer, and too cold in winter.

X-Ray it!

If an injury keeps you from running, and persists, see a doctor! You don't want to develop a stress fracture!

Yikes! Don't run from dogs.

Face a dog, make yourself as big as you can, use a big voice. Back away slowly until he loses interest. If he doesn't lose interest, zig when he zags!

Zero calories in liquids.

We've talked about it before. If you're trying to lose weight in general, or training for a race, this is one of the quickest ways to lose it! Don't drink anything that has calories!

And that's the Running Tip, from A to Z!

Kely Braswell has been a runner for 27 years. He's not the fastest... just an Ordinary Runner. But he stays in shape, and he knows a lot about running! Beginning runners can look at, simple advice on running for beginners and mere mortals!

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