Self Employed Professionals: What's Separating Your Services From the Rest of the Pack?

Imagine for a moment that a prospective client of yours is frantically thumbing through the yellow pages (or surfing the Internet) searching for the exact service you provide—and she finds herself faced with literally dozens of options—what is it about the way you convey and deliver your particular service that is going to convince her to hire you over another professional offering the same thing?

If you want to attract more clients and quickly double your current client base, you'll need to identify that "special something" you provide for your clients and be able to clearly communicate it in all of your marketing materials.

Determine what separates you from the rest of the pack. It’s easier than you think!

Begin by answering the following questions:

1. What is the ONE THING that you do that others in your profession are NOT doing?

2. What is it about your actual business that makes you different or unique in some way?

3. What results can you promise your clients that others do not?

4. When a prospect asks the question, “Why should I hire you, instead of so and so” - how do you respond?

If you’re really stuck trying to define what makes you different, ask a couple of your best clients why they chose to work with you—and continue to work with you—instead of your competitors. Use this information to create a unique marketing message that appears in all of your marketing efforts.

Remember, if you’re not differentiating yourself from your competitors –you ARE invisible to your prospects!

Cheers to more clients!

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