Starbucks Team Partner Legendary Service Robot

Starbucks employees are not just regular employees behind the average counter, they are Team Partners in charge of providing “Legendary Service” the millions of regular customers worldwide. In fact there are secret shoppers at Starbucks; did you know that? They do the ever feared “Snap Shot” where they judge the Team Partners to see if they are really “pouring their hearts into it.” Every Starbucks Team Partner knows that the next customer could be someone doing a surprise visit to check on the temperature of the coffee, the greeting to make sure it was in 30-seconds and even the cleanliness of the bathrooms. These Team Partners are judged on their abilities to keep up the ultra-high company standards of their founder Howard Schultz. In fact Howard’s original standards are still in place today, with a few upgrades. These high standards rival Ray Kroc’s original standards for McDonalds in their early years.

The problem with this, it is very difficult to find such incredible employees who can handle such stringent requirements. I therefore propose some Starbucks to get robots. The customer would come in and while in line select a greeting type of motif such as; The English Butler accent, Rude, Extremely rude, Polite, Helpful, Youngsters (for kids), Cheerful, Depressed, Shy or the Standard Legendary Service. Depending on the customers mood, they can choose? If they wish to be mistreated, they can have that. Generally what I think you will find is that most customers will refer the simulation of the standard already legendary Service. Think about it, as soon most all outlets of your favorite brand names will need to go to robotics to maintain consistency at all their locations when the labor supply is tight.

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