Static Contraction Delivers Maximum Muscle From 1 Minute Strength Training Workouts

For those who spend more than 1 minute on strength training workouts, you are wasting your valuable time! Wouldn't you want to strength train in the most effective, scientifically feasible way, and increase your muscle and strength by multiple percentages?

One (1) minute muscle developing workouts are done ONCE per week or less. That calculates to maximally 4 minutes of strength training exercises per month! I am sure many people are saying that I have gone mad. The famous words, "he's got to be kidding" are ringing vigorously in my ears. Dear reader, I am NOT kidding! Thousands of people are now exercising less while getting tremendously better results. It is not just me stating this; the scientific documentation by far speaks louder than our conversation.

I would like to tell you about a client of mine named Todd. Todd, a relatively lean 46 year old, wanted to improve his strength and muscle tone. Prior to consulting with me, he followed the typical 3 days per week, 3 sets per exercise, and 3-4 exercises per body part routine. Todd was following the program John, his neighbor, told him about. Neighbor John received all his information from typical "bodybuilding magazines."

Yes, Todd did get results in the beginning due to the initial adaptation of physical activity, but after three months, gains kept coming slower, and slower until there was no progression at all in his strength and muscle size. As a result of limited progress, Todd told me he hated to workout. He said he was tired all the time, and workouts were taking up too much time in his life. This is precisely the point in which he contacted me for help.

I quickly diagnosed the reasons for his challenges, and enthusiastically told him to take three, yes THREE weeks off where he would not lift one single weight. After the three weeks, I explained to him his program was not effective, efficient, nor based on rational, sound exercise science principles.

Todd's initial program took him 4 hours per week; therefore, I condensed it down to 1 minute per week. He was hesitant, and thought I was joking. However, I reasoned with him, and he started to see significant strength, and muscle gains not monthly, but after each workout. My rational approach to his new effective, efficient, result producing program is attributed to hi intensity, Static Contraction Training.

The majority of driven bodybuilders are not thinking logically, or scientifically about what they are doing. They just do what the next person does. This current non-rational bodybuilding approach, that has been around for decades, leads to wasting valuable time, overtraining, and lack of long term progress. Hi intensity, Static Contraction Training does neither of these!

First of all, Static Contraction Training is based on the principle of activating the absolute maximum number of muscle fibers possible in their greatest strength range, therefore, triggering the muscle fibers to adapt by getting stronger and larger in size.

Please be aware, strength training is not aerobic (low intensity, high volume work. ) It is a high intensity, all out maximum effort for an extremely short duration. Muscle growth can be broken down into two main principles which I have practice for years, intensity and rest/recovery. In order to stimulate muscle growth, you need to provide a greater intensity or apply a greater stimulus than you generated in the previous workout, thus, activating the growth mechanism. Once this highly complicated growth mechanism is triggered, you MUST let the body replenish its limited reserves, compensate for the stimulus, and overcompensate to adapt for another training session. The precise amount of rest is mandatory in order to complete the muscle growth process. In the event you fail to allow sufficient recovery time to occur, you most definitely will short circuit the growth process, significantly compromising results.

Another crucial aspect of progressive results is tracking progress, and rest days between workouts. If you are not progressing each workout, you need more recovery time. If you are progressing each workout, you have optimized your rest days. There is no fixed program for all. It is specifically individual. Some will need 4 days rest between workouts, while others need 12. Your specific numbers will dictate your rest days.

When performing Static Contraction Training, your objective is to statically (without motion) hold the maximum amount of weight you can in your strongest range of motion for 5-10 seconds. Record that weight, and move on to the next exercise. If your intensity is high enough, and your rest is optimal, your numbers will skyrocket! This translates into significant strength, and muscle gains.

I could go on forever regarding the science, and studies to back Static Contraction Training, but for the scope of this article I want to cover the basic, core principles.

For a detailed, tell all, guide to Static Contraction Training, I highly recommend the Train Smart ebook.

For those who prefer working out in their homes, a brilliant friend of mine designed an amazing home gym that is built only for Static Contraction Training. It is truly a cutting edge scientific breakthrough. Check it out at, meter and all, it is like nothing you have ever seen.

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The information above will get you started on your way to investing the absolute minimal exercise time while getting better results than any other bodybuilding protocol available today. Enjoy your muscles in minutes while training intelligently!

* Please Note: Consult your physician prior to starting any exercise program.

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