Talking Pictures Are the Go!

A Tokyo day care company has begun marketing a "talking picture," which can play messages for up to 12 minutes by holding up a pen-shaped scanner on the photograph. The scanner uses invisible barcodes to activate the sound.

"The pictures would be useful for those who hope to hear the voice of someone living when they are far away; maybe they have passed on, or maybe they live on the opposite side of the globe. Either way, it brings loved ones closer together more often by “seeing them” and “hearing them”.

There is no point in having a talking picture if you can't see the picture clearly. Make sure you have saved the picture in the correct resolution. Ensure that the color model used is the right one for what you want to do with your picture. All these things make a difference.

Assuming the audio attached to the photo is of good quality, one drawback of this new technology is that the photo may not be of the best quality or has some imperfections. One could very easily remedy this by learning how to edit a photo to your satisfaction; make it look right! Go to to learn the simple easy to follow steps to make your photos look great!

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