Ten Great Reasons to Create an EBook

According to some sources, it is estimated that the Information industry is going to be worth over $7.8 billion over the next 3 years.

If you could tap into just 0.0000001% of that $7.8 billion, you could rake in $78,000!

Isn't that a good enough reason to create your own information laden ebook?

If it isn't, here are 10 more great reasons to create your own ebook:

1) If you create an ebook that solves peoples problems, you will feel great knowing that you are helping a few, possible thousands of people improve their lives.

2) A well written and presented ebook will bring you notoriety, prestige and even fame! People will respect your opinions and want to read more of your work.

3) You don't need to carry any inventory or have delivery costs. Your work can be instantly downloaded by your buyers.

4) You do not have to work hard to please an ever increasingly picky editor.

Traditional publishers will require your work to be 110% before they will even consider publishing it. This takes time and money. Publish it yourself and you only have your readers to please.

5) It's easy and fun. With the software tools available today, creating an ebook is simple, all you need to do is provide the words and pictures to fill it!

6) Ebooks are a great way of advertising products or services. In context advertising could be your ticket to high earnings with your own products or through affiliate programs.

7) If you own a website, and people like what they read in your ebook, they will come to your site to find out more.

8) It costs next to nothing!

9) People are willing to pay for information that entertains them or solves a problem that has plagued their lives, or better still, solves a problem in an entertaining way!

10) You keep all the profits! What better reason is there than that?

So what will you write about today?

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