The Benefits of DMAE in Your Nutrition

The average person has to process something seven times before it can be associated in long term memory and three times effectively for the information to be retained in short term memory. With age and without memory exercises to keep your memory on itís toes, forgetting things can become an all too common occurrence. Whether it is something as simple as forgetting where you left your keys, or as important as forgetting to pick up the kids from their football game, if you suffer from memory loss, there maybe hope.

DMAE or dimethyl-amino-ethanol is a chemical found naturally in fish that has been linked to memory. It has been known to be beneficial for short term memory loss, treating patients with ADHD, and those suffering from Alzheimerís. Studies have shown that DMAE is beneficial for some people suffering from the former list, but not all. Also, DMAE isnít meant as a cure for such ailments, but rather simply to improve some symptoms.

DMAE can be purchased over the counter at many pharmacies. It is recommended that a physician be consulted before taking any new supplement to make sure that it wonít interfere with any medication or illness that you currently have.

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