The Mobile Washing Businesses and Environmental Requirements

If you are running a mobile washing business you need to consider the importance of environmental controls to prevent dirty and polluted wash water from entering the storm drains. Not only is it the law but it is important for our Nations fresh water supplies.

You may wish to know that solvents, like diesel fuel can pollute one million gallons of water with only one gallon of solvent. We run a mobile washing company and have put units in 23-states, our system blocks of storm drains and vacuums up the water for later discharge at a POTW, generally. However there are several different vendors who build custom units for us and others in the industry for various types of cleaning, such as rail cars, truck washing, washouts, forklifts and oil stains on gas station facilities.

Generally it is our understanding of the law that no water may enter a storm drain. So if the water does not evaporate or is not flowing to vegetation and appears to be flowing towards a storm drain, water way, dry wash or gutter, it must be blocked and collected. And appropriately discharged to a sanitary sewer hook up or clarifier as available.

Mobile operators need not spend huge amounts of money to protect the water supplies or the environment, for instance Wal-mart ($77), Lowes, Home Depot all have shop vacuums which have pumps in side which have garden hose hook ups all for under $125.00. A 55-gallon plastic drum added to the equipment of a mobile detailer can solve this problem. Then they need a couple of storm drain blockers, which can be bought from a catalog online. Simple and easy. You do not have to spend a lot of money to protect the environment. Think on this.

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