The Power of Image for Men

The power of image has determined that it takes thirty seconds to form impressions about educational ability, capability, level of sophistication, personality, integrity, social ancestry and sense of humor. Many decisions not to hire or do business with someone are based on your appearance. People who are well dressed and groomed are liked more, demand higher fees, and are considered more intelligent, successful and competent.

Men have the power to do all of the above. What are clothes saying about you? It is not always easy to know because people do not always tell you whether or not your appearance is appropriate (do people always tell you if you have a piece of broccoli stuck between you teeth?).

Color is extremely importance as we are judged over 60% alone on this nonverbal communication. People perceive this character attributes:

Red = power

Pinstripes = authority

Briefcase = efficiency

Studies also show that that presentation can even influence the perceived quality of one’s work:

Polished shoes = will produce detail oriented work

A tailored suit = will produce advanced results

Baggy khakis, v-neck sweater = will take a casual approach to a problem Your second assignment is to ensure that your message is CONVEYED: I am competent and I belong!

Dr. Joyce M. Knudsen is known for two specialties: (1) International Home Study Certification Program for Image Consultants, Worldwide. (2) As a Certified Behavioral and Values Analyst she provides assessments on personal lifestyle development, DiSC Classic, DiSC General Characteristics, Time Mastery, Indra, Team Dimensions and so much more. Dr. Knudsen is the author of six books on the subject of self-image, a distinguished IMMIE Recipient, honored with the Award of Excellence for Education and was the very first Master Status Member (highest level of achievement) of The Association of Image Consultants, International.

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