The Root Cause Of Diseases

Barring injury, emergencies, or complications resulting from injury, such as hemorrhaging, broken bones, etc.., let us begin with conditions that are classified as diseases. Generally speaking, diseases are caused by any or all of 3 factors - namely enervation, toxemia or deficiency.

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There are 2 sources of toxemia: (a) Toxemia which is caused by the ingestion and accumulation of substances which are foreign to the body and toxic in nature, such as chemicals, drugs, etc. These produce irritation, inflammation and pathology in bodily organs and systems. (b) Toxemia which is due to the accumulation of toxic wastes resulting from the food and beverages we eat and drink; unnatural food or natural food in excess beyond what the body can use at the moment. Retention of this excess leads to decomposition of the food and the production of irritating and toxic chemical wastes, which provide a fertile field for the growth of microbes and various species of bacteria, which further increase the toxic state.


Deficiencies: The insufficiency of necessary food substances, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, enzymes etc., lead to breakdown of cells, tissues and organs which is given names of diseases, according to its location.


John Henry Tilden, M.D., formulated a theory of the cause of disease as due to a recurring cycle of enervation and toxemia. Enervation is the reduction or loss of energy occasioned by the lack of rest or sleep, or the excessive use of emotion, negative thoughts, worry, stress, or the overdoing of physical actions, overeating etc. Enervation leads to a reduction of the body's ability to digest, absorb, assimilate and excrete body wastes - thus leading to a retention of wastes in the cells and tissues and thereby causing disease. Disease, in turn, causes a depletion of the body's energies, requiring more energy to maintain the normal state of homeostasis than ordinarily needed. This excess expenditure of power leads to a slowdown in bodily function, which is followed by an increased retention of bodily toxins in a cycle.

This ingenious cycle of enervation and toxemia as being the cause of all diseases (barring accidents or trauma) may be regarded as absolutely true if you add the additional factor of deficiencies (which is omitted in the theory).

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