Two Ways to Exercise That Burn Fat

When you perform any kind of activity your body burns fat and glucose. If you want to burn fat you must tailor your activities to burn fat in a larger proportion to glucose. The good thing is that you do not need to exercise so hard to burn fat. Studies have shown that when our workout intensity is low to moderate, we tend to burn a much higher percentage of fat.

What we also know however, is that moderate workout - though raising metabolism - burns fewer total calories than a more energetic or intense way of exercising. So if you are on a weight loss diet, how should you handle this problem?

If you want to burn fat with workout or exercise, there are actually two ways to do it; let's call them the quick way and the slower way:

The quick way

  • Increasing your metabolism by performing intense anaerobic exercises. This way you will burn fat indirectly, but relatively fast.

The slower way

  • exercise in a low to moderate level of effort, (walking, slight running)
  • and for longer durations at a time

If you don't have time for long duration walking, swimming, jogging or whichever training activity you prefer, you can try the quick way and vice versa.

Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and internet marketer. He runs the website Terje enjoys to give advice and help people with workout for weight loss and diets for loosing calories.

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