Understanding Diabetes

Our body needs glucose, which converts this glucose in to energy. Our body converts whatever we eat into glucose after digestion. Insulin, a hormone produced by pancreas, help glucose to enter into blood cells. There glucose in metabolized, maintaining blood glucose level. Inefficiency or loss of insulin lead to increase in glucose level in blood and it causes diabetes

The factors which are responsible for this are many like sedentary life style and irregular eating habits. Intake of junk food and calorie dense food like pizza, burger, cold drinks, cheese and French fries causes the child hood obesity and lead to obese adult. Increase in body fat leads to less production of insulin and production of other harmful toxics. Which are responsible for heart diseases, diabetes and syndrome X at young age.

Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus or type I occur in younger age. In this case insulin therapy is required. Person will not survive, if insulin is not given. Non Insulin dependent diabetes or type occurs in elderly patient when either there is insufficient insulin or its action is impaired. This type it is treated by “Oral Hypoglycemic drugs” like (glibenclamide, Metformin).Insulin therapy is given only if blood glucose level is very high and not controlled.

Gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy and suffering from it may cause to develop diabetes in later age. Other type of diabetes, sometimes in tropical countries like India endocrine gland, pancreas got shrink or riddled by stone. The deficiency of insulin in these cases causes the diabetes.

The therapies for insulin are highly individualized and depend upon age, type and condition of diabetes. The precaution in diet is necessary in this case. More amount of protein and fruits intake in desirable. But batter a complete diet chart should be made and followed. Physical activity is must as it boosts the fitness level. A 30 to 40 minutes walk every day is the best exercise. Close monitoring blood glucose level is necessary in diabetic patients. So that changes in therapy taken on the requirement.

Diabetes has become a common name to us. This is completely a modern time disease, caused due to the inactivity of the body and intake of junk foods. Lack of exercise and obesity are one of the main reasons for this disease. We can fight this disease, by taking the early precautions. To avoid it, eat healthy food, do regular exercise, take care of foot diseases, by maintaining normal blood pressure and lipid level and lead a stress free life.

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