Visiting the Doctor

Many of us hate visiting the doctor until we are sick or are worried about our health. But, the truth of the matter is that if we would just visit our doctor annually we could combat any problems that may be apt to occur.

Your doctor can learn so much about your overall health with a yearly exam and be able to help you stay physically fit, find any small things that can cause problems down the road and help with our fitness and diet programs.

If you know what to expect on your first visit you will be more relaxed and ready for the visit. Your doctor will give you a head to toe evaluation and ask you important questions such as your medical history, medications, health habits, injuries, operations, and possible health problems.

During the exam he will look for any signs of a possible problem that can be treated early. Waiting on small things can cause them to become bigger problems at a later date. He will look for lumps, sores, or a continuing pain. He may ask if you have had any recent injuries that may become a problem at a future date.

Other tests he may perform include audiometry or a hearing test, urinalysis, an x-ray of your chest, a pulmonary function test and possibly an electrocardiogram.

Blood tests are also an important part of your annual physical exam. These complete blood count tests can tell a lot about your levels of cholesterol and many other factors that can show them if you may have any problems such as organ damage, disease or even something as small as an infection.

As you get older, the doctor may also wish that you take a treadmill test. This will give them information that will determine the healthiness of your heart along with other organs.

After the doctor has preformed all of his tests, he will then be able to give you an evaluation of your overall health. If your blood pressure is too high, your cholesterol is too high, or he has found any other problems, he will then discuss with you the way in which to correct any of these problems.

You may be very healthy and have no health problems what so ever, but why take the risk of having an underlying problem that is just waiting to submerge. When you visit your doctor on a regular basis, he will be able to detect any ailments or problems and be able to put you on the path to correct the disease before it escalates.

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