Vitamin Potency Comparison

If youíre looking for a vitamin potency comparison, youíre in the right place. Weíve created this article to let you know all the factors that go into the potency of a supplement. One thing thatís important to know is that you must take a lot more into account than simply the amounts of which vitamins and nutrients a supplement contains. Many factors weigh into play, with one principal one being the quality of the nutrient you are receiving. 5 grams of a certain passion flower may be ridiculously ineffective to a higher-quality 1 gram passion flower supplement. It is a well known fact that many vitamin companies mislead about the potency of the ingredients in their supplements.

One supplement that varies more than most is beta carotene. A form of vitamin A, the active ingredient in beta carotene may be present in as little as a few percent to well up to 95% of the compound. Facts like this make it clear that a vitamin potency comparison is a crucial move when searching for the right supplement. Synthetic beta carotene can cost as little as $60 per kilo while pharmaceutical grade beta carotene can reach prices upwards of $2,400 US dollars. Another important factor to weigh in would be the manufacturing technique. It is crucial to be sure that your supplements are being created in a pharmaceutical GMP compliant facility. These facilities have strict standards to adhere to, making your supplements safer and usually more effective than the non-compliant facilities.

One final factor to consider would be the delivery system. Few people know that most vitamins have poor delivery systems that allow as much of 90% of the vitamins to be destroyed by your stomach acids. It is key to find a product which features "enteric coating", a process by which the entire vitaminís efficiency is felt. Hopefully, this article has helped you learn more about the things you need to look for when finding the proper supplement.

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