Wash Water Runoff Issues in Mobile Detailing for CA

All mobile car washers and mobile auto detailers in Southern California are required to prevent their wash water runoff from flowing into storm drains. California law requires this and it is written right into the California Water Codes in 13.260, additionally it is aggressively enforced by municipality code enforcement along with the Californian Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

Mobile washers would be defined under a category of: Non-point source discharges under the city or counties NPDES permit. The sub-category is called: surface cleaners. Mobile Auto Detailing often falls under this category too, although some municipalities have considered it automotive services. Orange County CA, Los Angeles CO and Santa Clara Country all have automotive services categories, which have re-classified the mobile car washes and mobile detailers into.

Remember even if this is done there will still be people who clean gas stations concrete and restaurants equipment and facilities in the middle of the night which also will need categories and different classifications; Fleet washing is a good point in that generally the water amounts used will preclude the evaporation and water will need to be picked up and discharged in almost all cases.

Please do not pollute the water as it puts a negative connotation on the entire mobile cleaning and washing industry. Think on this.

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