What Makes Up A Healthy Balanced Diet? Part Two

The Role of Protein

Eating lean protein is crucial to good health because you need it to build and maintain lean body mass. Eating good protein can also actually help you lose weight. That's because eating high-quality protein does several things. It helps keep your blood sugar level stable so that you don't feel hungry and, it speeds-up your body’s metabolism by increasing your lean body mass. The more lean body mass (LBM) you have the higher your metabolism… and a higher metabolism stimulates your body to burn fat for energy!

So, ideally, how much protein should you eat? Nutrition experts recommend that in average women should eat 100g daily, and men should eat 150g daily. To help make sure you get both the right amount and right kind of protein, you may want to consider taking a protein supplement each day.

The Power of Water

The last, but not least, important pillar of good health is to drink lots of water. The human body is composed of approximately 70% of water. Water helps keep your body operating at its best because it flushes toxins and waste materials from your system.

Water also plays an important role in biochemical cell reactions and makes them more efficient. Water plays a key role in the transportation of nutrients throughout the body. Having enough water in your body at all times ensures that all your nerve centers, as well as your body’s organs and tissues, function at their best.

Proper hydration is vital to good health and to have that, you need to drink pure water. Tea, coffee and carbonated drinks, or even fruit juices, are no substitutes for water. You need at least eight glasses of pure water a day, and more than that won’t hurt you. Did you know that your body cannot survive without water for longer than 5 days?

Be Wise, Eat Smart

Fortunately, with all the information out there it is easier than ever to eat smart. First of all, you want to eat three well-balanced meals a day - and always include plenty of vegetables and fruits. Don’t skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will also want to eat two healthy snacks a day, between meals. Eating five times a day helps ensure that your blood sugar remains constant around the clock and your metabolism active.

Now what you eat is as important as when you eat it. A basic rule of thumb to follow for making sure you are eating the type of balanced diet - vital to maintain a stable blood sugar, is to eat one part protein for every two parts of carbohydrates that you eat. Limit your intake of refine carbohydrates, sweets and alcohol.

By eating balanced meals that include a right portion of healthy carbohydrates, fat-free protein and a small amount of good fat you can eliminate sugar rushes and blood sugar swings that can make you irritable and tired – and that prompt your body to store fat.

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